Ansell HyFlex Cut Resistant Hi Vis Sleeve

Item Code: 11-200
  • HyFlex® 11-200 offers the most comfortable sleeve in the Ansell range. Generous space in the arm area reduces sweat and itchiness
  • The anatomic design with adjustable forearm area enables freedom of movement so workers can do the job without constraints, increasing productivity
  • Enhanced safety is assured, thanks to a high visibility sleeve with Level EN Cut 5 performance (ANSI A3) and Level 1 thermal protection (EN407)
  • Better abrasion resistance (Level 2) and washability mean HyFlex® 11-200 offers improved total cost of ownership
  • Due to its ergonomic design and fixing system, worker acceptance will increase, leading to fewer accidents and injuries
  • Comfort: The most comfortable sleeve in Ansell range - through generous space in the arm area reducing sweat and itchiness
  • Freedom of movement: Anatomic design enables freedom of movement so that workers can do the job without constraints
  • Safety and longevity: High visibility in a cut resistant sleeve with a prolonged wear life due to the Level 2 in abrasion resistance
  • EN388: 2X42C