Castell KSSE Multi Key Solenoid Controlled Switch

Item Code: E20-FSB-3D-P-CC4-24D

The KSSE is a solenoid controlled, multi-key electrical switch for the controlled isolation of low current. This product is used where the controlled isolation of a machine needs to take place, i.e. where a robot has to finish a cycle prior to isolation and where multiple entry points to the protected area are required. The solenoid is continuously rated, and its position is electrically monitored. This type of isolator should be used for short term, off load isolation. The unit is supplied capable of being mounted into an existing panel or for surface mounting within its own IP65 rated lockable steel enclosure. The KSSE is manufactured from either brass or stainless steel making it ideal for use in standard or harsh corrosive environments.



A typical application of KSSE multi key solenoid controlled switch is machine guarding. It is usually used in combination with an access interlock such as the Salus for part body access or an AIE access interlock with an exchange key for full body access control.

The KSS breaks the machine safety circuit, ensuring a machine is shut down once the isolation key is inserted and turned into the unit. Once the machine has completed the cycle, an external signal is received by the solenoid, which is indicated by an illuminated LED. Activating the green button on the KSSE will enable the personnel keys to be turned and removed ensuring the power is locked out. The keys can then be taken to the AIE double key access interlocks to enable access to the machine.

The machine cannot be restarted until all doors are closed, and all personnel keys returned to the KSSE multi key solenoid controlled switch.