Castell Powersafe Electrical Switch

Item Code: KS20-FSB-F-C-O4

The KS is a key driven electrical switch designed for machine control circuits. This type of isolator should be used for short term, off load isolation. The KS is manufactured from either brass or stainless steel making it ideal for use in normal and harsh corrosive environments where the lock is subject to heavy use. The unit is able to be mounted into an existing panel or for surface mounting within its own polycarbonate IP65 rated enclosure.

A typical application of KS powersafe electrical switch is machine guarding. It is usually used in combination with an access interlock such as the Salus for part body access or an access interlock with an exchange key for full body access control such as AIE.

The KS breaks the machine safety circuit, ensuring a machine is shut down when the key is turned and removed. The key can then be taken to the Salus automativ access interlock to enable access to the machine.

The machine cannot be restarted until the door is closed, the bolt is trapped in the access interlock and the key is removed and taken to the KS key switch.