Castell X Key Exchange Box

Item Code: X-FSB-H-1-2

The X key exchange box is designed to enable the release of keys by the insertion of one or more primary key(s). The need for this type of product usually arises when there are multiple points of entry. The unit will generally be the link between the isolation locks and the access products. The product is supplied in an enclosure suitable for surface mounting and is available in a number of configurations and number of locks.

A typical application of the X key exchange box is machine guarding with one or more access points to the hazardous area.

The key exchange box is used as a part of a safety system, which ensures a machine is shut down, before access to the hazardous area is allowed. The system involves a KS key switch for the electrical supply and typically more than one AIE access interlocks for full body access.

The removal of the isolation key from the key switch isolates the electrical supply to the machine. This key is taken to the X key exchange box to release the trapped keys. The released keys are used to gain access through the AIE door interlocks.

The machine cannot be restarted until all keys are returned to the key exchange box and the power isolation key is removed and taken to the KS key switch.