Thorzt Cooling Neck Tie: Royal Blue

Typically ships in 2-3 business days

Item Code: CTRB

Thorzt Cooling Neck Tie: Royal Blue

Typically ships in 2-3 business days

Item Code: CTRB



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Cooling ties are designed to assist with Heat Stress prevention by promoting the body’s thermoregulation. Cooler skin contributes to a number of physiological advantages such as less output directed toward the skin and a lower core body temperature.

THORZT Sub Zero Cooling Ties trigger moist evaporative cooling which helps reduce your body’s core temperature when working hard in hot conditions. The ties contain polymer crystals which expand when wet and can hold up to 500 times their own weight in water - amazingly with no dripping! This cold water slowly evaporates from the surface of the tie, drawing heat energy from the surface blood vessels in the skin as it goes. Cooled blood then circulates back through the body, lowering the core temperature and reducing the risk of heat stress.

Submerge your Cooling Tie in cold water for 15-20 minutes then wrap it around the neck, head or wrist (ideally at a pulse point) to immediately feel the cooling effect. You can also place the tie in the fridge or freezer overnight, then store in your chilly bin/cooler on site for use later in the work day.

Cooling ties can be re-used as needed throughout the day by re-submerging in cold water for several minutes. However, it should be stressed that whilst this will deliver a refreshing feel, the main benefits of the ties come from the prolonged evaporative cooling that occurs over long periods.

Once the polymer crystals have fully absorbed the water, the cooling effects can last for hours, although the exact period varies depending on the climatic conditions.


  • Promotes Thermoregulation
  • Reduces Heat Stress risks
  • Comforts and cools the skin
  • 100% Cotton