Oil Spill Kit 240 Litre

Item Code: ASK240OIL

Oil Spill Kit 240 Litre

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Item Code: ASK240OIL



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Oil spills are a hazard that need to be dealt with immediately, although sometimes, people fall short of the proper amount of material needed to clean it efficiently and effectively. If you’re ever in need of high-grade cleaning materials for large oil spills, our economy oil spill kit is right for the task and for your budget.

This spill kit is designed to absorb large spills up to 120 litres. Wheelie bin provides storage of the kit before use, aids transport of kit to spill site and makes disposal of used items easy.

Oil & fuel spill pads, socks, booms and pillows are white in colour. Use these for cleaning up hydrocarbon spills only, such as oil, petrol and diesel.

Refill kit product code: ASK240EOILRF.


  • 1 x wheelie bin
  • 8 x duckbill respirator
  • 1 x heavy-duty pvc gloves
  • 1 x disposable overall
  • 1 x safety glasses
  • 20 x absorbent pads
  • 1 x 2.4m absorbent sock
  • 2 x 100 litre ana fibre
  • 2 x disposable bag