Economy Winch and Tripod Kit (Non Fall Arrest)



This tripod provides a solid, portable anchorage point, giving you access to confined spaces for personnel and materials.

  • Telescopic aluminium legs giving an adjustable height range of 1.15m to 2.15m from ground level
  • Multiple attachment points – two auxiliary eye bolts and mounted pulleys
  • Cast aluminium head
  • Support shoes with rubber soles help to improve grip and stability
  • Includes carry bag and in-built fixture for attaching the winch
  • Light weight, only 13kg
  • Anchorage point strength: Greater than 10kN
  • Certified to: EN795 (Class B)



Winch specs and features include:

  • Bolting fixture for robust fitting to tripod
  • Load capacity: 135kg
  • Cable length: 20m
  • Certified to: EN 1496:2006 (Class A)


Note: Because the winch does not have a fall arrest function, we recommend using in conjunction with a Type 2 FAD.


NZ $2896.96 inc.

Typically ships in 2-3 business days