Handi-Rex Semi Automatic Chain Sharpener


This machine has all the features of the T-REX without the electronic control system. Simply turn the handle, and the Handi-Rex will sharpen all chain cutters, both left and right in the one pass. Any top plate angle from 0° to 35°. Irregular chains (i.e. chains with 2 left or right cutters in succession) can be easily sharpened. All the efficiencies of the T-REX are built into the Handi-Rex.

  • Cast aluminium grinding arm for strength and accuracy
  • Hardened steel cams for durability and reliability
  • Sealed Ball bearings
  • Hardened steel chain clamp
  • Cam indexing for absolute accuracy in grinding
  • High grinding speed reduces heat build up in teeth (up to 30 cutters per minute)
  • Feed speed to 30 cutters per minute
  • Automatic cutter detection
  • Infinitely adjustable grinding head from 0° to 35°
  • 12volt DC, 110vac or 240vac operation
  • Chain sizes from 1/4″ to 3/4″ harvester
  • Pointed tooth (pack cutting) chain (Face grinding)