Master Lock

Master Lock 0406 Dielectric Safety Padlock Green

Item Code: 0406GRN

The Master Lock 0406 Dielectric Thermoplastic Safety Padlock features plastic shackle to help prevent electrocution and arc flashing and to prevent electrical current from shackle to key. All components are non-sparking and non-magnetic. Designed exclusively for Lockout/Tagout applications, the durable, lightweight material is easy to carry and padlock has key retaining cylinder to ensure the padlock is not left unlocked.

  • Plastic shackle helps prevent electrocution and arc flashing, also prevents electrical current from shackle to key
  • All components are non-sparking and non-magnetic - plastic, copper, brass
  • 38mm wide, 45mm tall, Thermoplastic body, plastic shackle with 38mm clearance
  • Designed exclusively for lockout tagout applications
  • Durable, lightweight, non-conductive Thermoplastic lock body
  • Compliance with "One Employee, One Lock, One Key" directive
  • Keyed different, 6-pin tumbler with over 100,000 available key changes cylinder
  • Laser engrave on all 4 side for quick padlock identification