Oregon Chainsaw Chain 3/8 100 Ft Roll

Item Code: 75LGX

OREGON® 75LGX, (3/8"-pitch Super Guard®) chains feature cutters that have an advanced grind geometry that is "work ready". This series saw chain is only for professionals who demand saw chain that delivers high performance, resists stretch, simple to maintain, provides long life, and is consistent from loop to loop.

Gauge: 0.063 (Stihl)


NZ $839.50 inc.

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Advanced grind geometry

  • Significantly enhanced out-of-box grind
  • No out-of-box maintenance needed
  • Superior cutting efficiency, less force-feed required
  • Improved fuel economy

Blued cutters

  • Superior corrosion resistance
  • Base-cutter hardness consistency
  • Pro-look
  • Improved strength

Tumbled parts

  • Smooth finish
  • Improved joint articulation, combats tight joints

Offset ramp-shaped depth gauges

  • Offset reduces roughness, helps prevent cutter from diving into the sidewall of the cut
  • The ramped shape reduces kickback energies without affecting performance

Clean ground gullets

  • Increases chip flow, less chain clogging
  • No out-of-the box filing needed

Long, high-strength cutter top plate

  • Resists breakage
  • Longer cutter life

Top-plate-angle witness mark

  • Sharpening is easy and consistent, every time and serves as end-of-life indicator

Lubrilink™ tie straps

  • More oil stays where it's needed: on the chain