PROTOS Integral Arborist Helmet: Orange/Yellow

Item Code: 205000-10-62

The Protos® Integral Arborist is adapted to work at heights. In an environment that requires maximum concentration and attention, the head protection cannot cause any interference, let alone slip out of place. Thanks to its far-reaching neck shell, the head protection fits perfectly even when working in sloping or overhead positions, thus providing a safe hold. Due to the difficulty in getting the hands free at height, the entire modular principle with can be adjusted with only two fingers. Therefore, each element can be regulated at any time. This model is also equipped with a chin strap.



The PROTOS Integral Arborist helmet, certified according to EN397, EN352-3 and EN1731, is best suited for the hardest operations and the most extreme weather conditions, from cold and wet to hot and dry temperatures. Thanks to the excellent ventilation, the head remains cool and dry while the visor allows for maximum visibility with no risk of freezing in below freezing temperatures.

The feature that makes the PROTOS Integral unique is the “Integral solution“. PROTOS have managed to integrate all parts inside the helmet shell. As a result there is no risk of getting hung up on branches, brush or other obstacles.


NZ $549.00 inc.

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  • Includes helmet, visor & earmuffs