Recycle, renew... responsibly

It is estimated that in Aotearoa New Zealand we generate 17.49 million tonnes of waste per year, of which an estimated 12.59 million tonnes are sent to landfill. 186,035 tonnes (5%) is textile.

With many industrial projects coming to an end and with 100+ plus staff wearing branded clothing specific to that project, we don’t really take the time to think about where our safety gear goes after we are finished with it. Discarded Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) workwear is typically disposed of in landfills which mean that 85% of New Zealand’s collective apparel ends up creating mountains of clothes. This makes industry and government huge contributors to industrial waste and to landfills.

Our mission towards sustainability begins with focusing on reducing our environmental impact.

Easy does it!

Active Safety is proud to partner with Textile Products, the largest textile recycling company in New Zealand, to create a used workwear recycling programme where you can return your end-of-life Hi-Vis apparel and workwear to be recycled into reusable products such as insulation, felt, foam, carpet underlay and geotextiles, in turn reducing waste to landfill.

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That's not all!

Active Safety also have a recycling programme with Future Post, a home-grown solution that turns domestic and commercial plastic waste into premium fencing products using recycled plastic composition – Types 2, 4, 5, 6, 7 that are CCA Free.

Future Post repurpose a small part of the thousands of tonnes of plastic that is no longer used with each post containing 1500 bags and wrappers, thanks to our partnership Active Safety are able to help reduce our packaging waste while donating to an environmentally sound and sustainable solution for years to come.

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