Chemical Spill Kit 120 Litre

Item Code: ASK120CHEM

Chemical spills are extremely hazardous. Cleaning up the spill is equally as dangerous, but with our chemical only spill kit, you can now clean up any accidental spillage with ease.


NZ $448.50 inc.

Typically ships in 2-3 business days

  • Heavy-duty wheelie bin for easy transport and disposal of cleaning material
  • Ten sheets of high-grade absorbent material for mopping up spills
  • Four heavy-duty large foam sponges for added absorbency
  • A large pack of dry material for additional cleaning capacity
  • A pair of heavy-duty, chemical-resistant gummy gloves
  • Can clean up to 120 litres of chemical spills
  • Readily refillable
  • Perfect for heavy-duty cleanup or general spills at home or the office