T-Rex Automatic Chain Sharpener

Typically ships in 7-14 business days

Item Code: TRACS

T-Rex Automatic Chain Sharpener

Typically ships in 7-14 business days

Item Code: TRACS


The Dinasaw “T-Rex” has arrived and will relieve you from the drudgery of chain sharpening. The T-Rex is fast, extremely accurate and will sharpen most styles of chains.

From the small arborist chain through to 3/4" harvester chain. All sharpened automatically and with very few adjustments needed when changing between chains. Fast is good, especially when it comes to sharpening. High feed speed introduces less heat to the cutters thereby maintaining the metal’s temper. The T-Rex can grind up to 30 cutters per minute, with both left and right hand cutters sharpened in the one pass.

Unsequenced joins are not a problem as the T-Rex can look for the next cutter and correct the grind angle to suit. Automatic operation at up to 30 teeth per minute frees you for other jobs.

The machine can be bench, floor or wall mounted with optional stands.

The positive cam operated chain clamp ensures the cutter is securely held only while being ground and then immediately released to allow indexing of the next cutter.

  • Reduced bar wear
  • Increased chain life
  • Increased cutting speed
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Fast, consistent sharpening
  • User friendly operation


  • Cast aluminium grinding arm for strength and accuracy
  • Hardened steel cams for durability and reliability
  • Sealed Ball bearings
  • Hardened steel chain clamp
  • Cam indexing for absolute accuracy in grinding
  • High grinding speed reduces heat build up in teeth (up to 30 cutters per minute)
  • Feed speed to 30 cutters per minute
  • Automatic cutter detection
  • Full electronic control
  • Infinitely adjustable grinding head from 0° to 35°
  • 12volt DC, 110vac or 240vac operation
  • Chain sizes from 1/4″ to 3/4″ harvester
  • Pointed tooth (pack cutting) chain (Face grinding)