Thorzt Chill Skinz Cooling Towel

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Thorzt Chill Skinz Cooling Towel

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Item Code: CSB



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The THORZT Chill Towel stays cool for hours with no refrigeration or cold water needed - just ‘Wet, Wring and Wave’. It’s made from PVA material which can retain moisture for periods far longer than conventional towels, and contains a special plant extract that (once activated) turns moisture cold regardless of it’s initial temperature.

Soak the Thorzt Cooling Towel in any temperature water (warm or cold) for 3-5 mins, then wring and wave to activate the cooling fibres.

  • Submerge the THORZT Cooling Towel in any temperature water and let is soak for 3-5 minutes.
  • Wring out the excess water, leaving it nice and moist.
  • Take hold of two of the corners, and wave it up and down for about ten seconds.*
  • Wrap it around your neck or other warm point on the skin for instant cooling relief.

*Wave for 10 seconds if water is room temperature, wave for up to 30 seconds if very hot


  • Promotes Thermoregulation
  • Reduces Heat Stress risks
  • Comforts and cools the skin
  • Looks as cool as it feels
  • Machine washable
  • 75cm x 32cm