Castell AIE Dual Key Access Interlock

Item Code: AIE-FSAL-D-1

The AIE dual key access interlock is suitable for use on hinged and sliding doors. The interlock has an open cavity design and is manufactured in an aluminum alloy or durable stainless steel making it ideal for harsh or corrosive environments where the lock is subject to heavy use. The AIE is available in two options: exchange key and double key.



A typical application of the AIE dual key Access Interlock is machine guarding with full body access. The AIE is used as part of a safety system, which ensures a machine is shut down, before access to the hazardous area is allowed. The system involves a KS key switch for the electrical supply. The removal of the isolation key from the key switch isolates the electrical supply to the machine. This key is taken to the AIE and inserted into the lock. This allows the release of the personnel key and then the sidebolt, which traps the isolation key. The personnel key is then taken into the area by the operative to safeguard themselves against accidental lock in and start up. The machine cannot be restarted until the personnel key is returned, the bolt is replaced in the AIE and the isolation key is removed and taken to the KS key switch.