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When it comes to Work Uniforms, Hi Vis Clothing & Protective Workwear, we have one of NZ’s largest range of styles, colours and sizes for both Men & Women. Everything from Wet Weather Gear, to ARC resistant and Fire Retardant Fabrics, we do it all! If you need your company logo put on, we have Printing & Embroidery services available with fast turn around times to get you looking smart for the job. Polo Shirts, Jackets, Fleece Vests, Hi Vis T-Shirts, Singlets, Trousers and Workshirts – if you can’t find what you’re looking for use our online chat tool or give us a call free on 0800 22 87 23; our expert team will be ready to assist.

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$13.00 +gst

FXD Stretch Belt
Item Code: CB-2


$25.00 +gst


$45.00 +gst

Bisley Hi Vis Taped Rain Trouser
Item Code: BP6965T


$35.00 +gst

Bisley Hi Vis Taped Rain Jacket
Item Code: BJ6966T


$75.00 +gst


$140.00 +gst


$95.00 +gst


$173.90 +gst

FXD WP-4 Stretch Cuffed Work Pants
Item Code: WP-4


$83.98 +gst

FXD WS-3 Stretch Work Short
Item Code: WS-3


$64.99 +gst

FXD WP3 Stretch Work Pant
Item Code: WP-3


$83.96 +gst

FXD WS1 Original Work Short
Item Code: WS-1


$64.16 +gst

FXD WP-1 Original Work Pant
Item Code: WP-1


$81.80 +gst

Bison Extreme TTMC-W17 Jacket
Item Code: 313052ON


$245.00 +gst


$23.48 +gst


$66.96 +gst


$73.00 +gst

Active StormPlus TTMC-W17 Fleece Lined Vest
Item Code: WWV3O


$36.00 +gst

Active StormPlus Rain Trouser Day/Night
Item Code: WWT3O


$28.00 +gst

Active StormPlus Wet Weather Jacket TTMC-W17
Item Code: WWJ3O


$60.00 +gst


$94.78 +gst


$60.00 +gst

Trekz Thermal Long Sleeve Shirt
Item Code: TKT3000


$33.91 +gst