Health Essentials & COVID Supplies

Here you’ll find a selection of in-stock products to help prevent the exposure to contagious viruses. Our N95 & P2 disposable masks are certified to industry standards and offer some of the highest levels of particulate protection that you can get from a disposable mask.

Whether your need health supplies for personal, public or workplace use, we have got you covered!

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Help-It Monster Wipes Tub/50


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Disposable N95 Respirator Non Valve: Box/20
Item Code: MS6115L


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P2 Non Valve Disposable Respirator: Box/20
Item Code: 168200


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CRC Surface Sanitiser 500ml Spray Bottle
Item Code: 1752080


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Commuter Reusable Face Mask: Black
Item Code: CMK-4-BL


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Medical Face Mask: Box/50
Item Code: FM003


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Flowing Hand Soap 5 Litre
Item Code: TN10


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