Be visible when it matters most! Hi Vis clothing is a plays a crucial part in preventing accidents at the workplace and on roads, allowing the wearer to be easily seen where there are moving objects, vehicles or risks involved. Our range of Hi Vis clothing offers greater visibility and meets or exceeds New Zealand, Australian and international Hi Visibility standards. Sometimes a Hi Vis Vest is not enough and that is why we offer a full range of Men’s and Women’s Hi Vis Jackets, Overalls, Polo Shirts, Singlets, T-Shirts, Hoodies and much more to cater to a range of environments and weather types. All of our Hi Vis products are sourced from the leading brands you already know such as JB’s Wear, Syzmik, Bison, and Caution Workwear to name a few. These brands offer the very latest in apparel technology giving you comfortable, hard wearing, lightweight and fast drying Hi Vis garments that look just as good as they feel and perform. As well as being available in a range of Hi Vis colours, a lot of the options also offer additional reflective tape configurations for working at night and low light conditions to ensure maximum visibility no matter the time of day or weather conditions. When plain Hi Vis clothing is still not enough to get you noticed, we can also print or embroider your design or company logo onto the Hi Vis clothing, making sure your brand stands out and looks great – simply get in touch with our customer service team by phone or email and we will be more than happy to guide and assist you in this space for simple and affordable uniform management. There has never been a better time to shop for Hi Vis clothing with all the great styles and options we have available across a huge size range, there is always something for everyone!

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Bison Extreme TTMC-W17 Jacket
Item Code: 313052ON


$245.00 +gst


$23.04 +gst


$70.53 +gst


$45.00 +gst


$79.91 +gst

Pink Hi Vis Safety Vest
$13.80   to   $17.25


$50.90 +gst


$45.00 +gst

Classic Hi Vis Cotton T-Shirt
Item Code: N130


$23.00 +gst

Classic Hi Vis Cotton Polo Shirt
Item Code: N123


$28.00 +gst


$135.00 +gst

Flame Retardant Zip Overalls (FTPCO)
Item Code: 43212


$143.47 +gst


$110.00 +gst

Hi Vis Yellow Day Night Vest
Item Code: ASVY1


$10.43 +gst


$15.99 +gst


$10.43 +gst


$49.00 +gst

Syzmik Hi Vis L/S Outdoor Work Shirt
Item Code: ZW468


$57.39 +gst


$45.00 +gst


$79.00 +gst

Syzmik Hexagonal Puffer Jacket
Item Code: ZJ420


$58.00 +gst


$35.00 +gst