Oil & Chemical Spill Kits

Our range of Oil & Chemical spill kit solutions can be used to prevent spill contaminants spreading saving time & risk when accidents occur. Each kit contains appropriate PPE and spill containment accessories such as spill pads, socks, booms, absorbent pillows, as well as an easy to carry bag or wheelie bin. Oil Spill Kits are designed for the use of cleaning up hydrocarbon spills such as oil, petrol and diesel, and come in a range of sizes depending on the potential spill risk on site. Chemical Spill Kits are great for the cleaning of chemical spills such as acids and alkalis but can also be used as a general-purpose kit for all spill types providing an all-in-one spill kit solution. Refill packs are available for most kits ensuring you can quickly replace the contents of your spill kit in the event of a spill in the workplace. Our expert team can help guide you on which type and size spill kit will work best for your workplace, so please get in touch should you require any assistance.

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Oil Spill Refill Kit 120 Litre
Item Code: SKO120-R


$229.56 +gst


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$433.91 +gst

SpillTech Oil Spill Kit 240 Litre
Item Code: SKO240-ACS


$539.13 +gst

SpillTech Oil Spill Kit 120 Litre
Item Code: SKO120-ACS


$356.52 +gst


$161.74 +gst


$117.39 +gst


$186.96 +gst

Oil Spill Refill Kit 240 Litre
Item Code: SKO240-R


$417.39 +gst


$182.00 +gst


$130.00 +gst


$390.00 +gst


$250.00 +gst


$486.96 +gst


$282.61 +gst


$152.17 +gst


$94.78 +gst


$633.91 +gst


$438.26 +gst


$179.13 +gst


$642.61 +gst


$250.00 +gst


$469.48 +gst

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