Womens Hi-Vis Workwear

Our wide range of women’s safety gear prioritises comfort, safety, and quality – using breathable and waterproof technical fabrics, and four-way stretch for optimal unbound movement on the job. Whether you’re looking for jackets, vests, trousers or work shirts, our women’s safety gear offers a tailored and structured fit to optimise comfort and practicality.

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FXD Stretch Belt
Item Code: CB-2


$25.00 +gst

FXD WP-9WT Taped Womens Leggings
Item Code: WP-9WT


$64.35 +gst

FXD WP-9W Womens Leggings
Item Code: WP-9W


$57.39 +gst

FXD WP-3W Women's Stretch Work Pant
Item Code: WP-3W


$84.10 +gst


$65.22 +gst


$52.00 +gst


$60.00 +gst


$108.69 +gst

Biz Womens Memphis Long Sleeve Shirt
Item Code: S127LL


$45.22 +gst

Balfour Womens Softshell Jacket
Item Code: SSG


$80.00 +gst

Out of Stock

Biz Womens Action Short Sleeve Polo
Item Code: P206LS


$19.30 +gst

Cleo V-Neck Shirred Cuff Top
Item Code: 1803WZ


$69.48 +gst

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Kingswood Ladies Long Sleeve Shirt
Item Code: 2910L


$33.91 +gst

Typically ships in 2-3 business days


$65.22 +gst

Mason Short Sleeve Dress
Item Code: 1801WD


$121.13 +gst

Elliot Womens Utility Pant
Item Code: 1729WT


$96.96 +gst

Out of Stock

Lola 3/4 Sleeve Shirred Cuff Top
Item Code: 1799WZ


$69.48 +gst

Freya Shirred Cuff Soft Top
Item Code: 1796WL


$69.48 +gst


$27.83 +gst


$49.56 +gst

FXD WF-3W Women’s Full Zip Work Hoodie
Item Code: WF-3W


$89.48 +gst


$47.13 +gst